The Rebellion - Book 2 of the Trials and Triumph Trilogy

The sinister machinations of Evan Thas become more apparent as his secretive plans materialize. Harnessing an unholy trinity of media, corporate and political interests, Thas seeks to intensify global crises, even though his public image is that of a tech-titan with solutions. So, the puppet-master inflames religious, racial, and nationalist tensions, counting on human suffering to be a necessary precondition for acceptance of his global reign.  

But as disillusion and apostasy spread, a remnant of Christian prayer warriors will not give in to him, and their strategy includes more than prayers. Before long, Thas realizes that Christ's Church on earth is mankind's only capable defense against him. For that reason, the prophesied Man of Lawlessness will execute his horrific plan for the Church's final annihilation. 

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Whether traveling to Rome, or simply enjoying it from an armchair, this pilgrim's guide will immerse you in the human drama that has always defined the Eternal City: from ancient emperors and martyrs, to Renaissance popes and artists, to the enduring legacy of Rome's architects and saints. Christianity has always demanded Rome's attention, just as the Eternal City has commanded the world's. Regardless of the passing of brutal emperors and empires, however, Rome confirms that the gates of Hell have not and shall not prevail against Christ's Church. (Available in paperback or hardback, which includes superior color printing for even greater image detail.)

Transformed by Trouble - 

From Misfortune to Miracles

Years after experiencing a life-changing encounter with the Holy Spirit, Ruth Werkowski and her husband, Fabian, were dealt a severe personal and financial setback. While spreading the Gospel during the summer of 2004, not one but two hurricanes destroyed their home in Florida. TRANSFORMED BY TROUBLE is their uplifting story of overcoming every tragedy while keeping - and even strengthening - Faith in God Almighty. Infused with prayers, meditations and Miracles, it is a profound book that is best read slowly, with a Bible nearby.

But Jesus Christ has assured us:
"Thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my Church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it." Matthew 16:18

Catholic books that offer the fullness of the faith.

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The Return - Book 3 of the Trials and Triumph Trilogy

When a bizarre death shatters the serenity of a New York monastery, the ultimate forces of innocence and iniquity are set on a collision course to the climactic end of the Age. "The Return" is the riveting conclusion to the epic Christian trilogy that races around the world and through the centuries of Christian history as modern headlines collide with true, but little-known, prophecies of saints. The trials have been foretold... and so has the triumph!

Catholic Answers to Protestant Questions 

A Concise Summary

By Fr. John J. Pasquini, ThD

CATHOLIC ANSWERS TO PROTESTANT QUESTIONS is a convincing defense of Catholic beliefs through reason, Scripture, and the life of the Holy Spirit. Its priceless wisdom and simplicity should be treasured by every Catholic, from the convert in RCIA class, to the cradle Catholic who has become forgetful or luke-warm in the faith. It is for anyone, of any faith, who seeks a deeper understanding of the history, context and foundation of Christian beliefs.

The Seasons of a Short, Holy Life - 

Memorable Musings of a Poet Priest

During his short, holy life, Rev. Duncan Reilly offered himself as a victim soul and, because of his love of poetic verse, produced a treasure trove of remarkable writings that spanned a broad emotional range, from the amusements of this world to deep reflections on the next. However, his memorable words remained boxed for half a century after his death, even as his last surviving sister remained determined to see that his unique twist of wisdom and wit would some day enlighten and amuse a new generation of readers. This book is the accomplishment of her undying goal.

The Stations of the Cross - 

A Reflection on Jesus and His Mother

Since the time of the early Christians, pilgrim visitors to Jerusalem have devotedly followed the Via Dolorosa, commemorating the path of Christ's passion. In later centuries, the devotion became popular in Catholic churches around the world. This moving adaptation suggests the loving thoughts of Jesus Christ and His Blessed Mother at each of the traditional fourteen Stations of the Cross and includes colorful stained-glass images for each Station. A moving devotion for church or home.

The Rise - Book 1 of the Trials and Triumph Trilogy

​"... highly recommended ... riveting ... hard to put down..." 

Midwest Book Review

Angela Concepcion is a marketing genius, fashioning herself into America's most popular talk show host and trend-setter. Yet, the restless Latin beauty is unsatisfied. So, she seeks to leverage her peaking fame into a run for supreme political power. The path to the White House, however, requires unexpected compromises as she naively enlists the aid of Dr. Huntington Cyst, the brilliant founder of XCyst Industries, a corporate juggernaut with alarming secrets. His brand of vice, however, bad as it is, becomes no match for Cyst's manipulative young apprentice, who is cunning and devious beyond his years. Evan Thas envisions XCyst Industries and the world under his control. His ruthless plan is so sinister that true prophecies have warned against it. Only one man - a mysterious drifter with an incredible past - can possibly stop the Son of Perdition.

Though primarily set in modern times, The Trials and Triumph Trilogy races around the world and through the centuries of the tumultuous history of Christianity. The riveting story is highly researched and eerily reflective of today's alarming headlines.  It is based on Scripture and true but little-known prophecies of saints.

"If you take one book to Rome, take this one! If you want one book to help you through Rome and the Vatican, this is it. Loaded with information from a spiritual and historical point of view. Especially excellent for Catholic pilgrims. Full of pictures, facts, detailed and pertinent information. It is my pack on every trip."

Steve Ray

Catholic Convert, Apologist and Pilgrimage Leader

Culture of Life - 

A Catholic Perspective

CULTURE OF LIFE is an excellent guide to the teachings of the Catholic Church on many of the most important, yet least understood, issues of our time. Father John J. Pasquini supplements his engaging theological presentation with supporting data from numerous sociological and scientific studies. The reader can only conclude that we ignore these fundamental life issues at our peril, both in this world and the next.

A #1 Best Seller,, Vatican Travel Guides​

Rome and the Vatican - Guide 4 Pilgrims

By Kenneth E. and Elizabeth H. Nowell

"This book is at the top of my list as one of the most comprehensive Catholic travel guides to Rome. 

I especially love the stunning images, interesting facts about the saints and our Catholic faith, 

as well as all of the travel tips included in this book. I am taking this book with me

on all 4 of my pilgrimages to Rome this year." 
Teresa Tomeo
Catholic Radio & Television Host
Pilgrimage Leader to Rome & The Vatican for over 10 Years

Experience the grandeur of Rome's art, architecture, history and - above all - faith. This Guide 4 Pilgrims includes 800 awe-inspiring images, from more than a hundred of Rome's most important pilgrim sites, found in twelve convenient walking tours that include detailed color maps. It is the ultimate guide for the independent pilgrim who wants to see more of the sacred treasures of Rome, on a budget!