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Rome and the Vatican
Guide 4 Pilgrims

#1 Best Seller
Vatican Travel Guides

(Color Edition) Experience the grandeur of Rome’s art, architecture, history and – above all – faith. This Guide 4 Pilgrims includes almost 800 awe-inspiring images, from more than a hundred of Rome’s most important pilgrim sites, found in twelve convenient walking tours that include detailed color maps. For the pilgrim, Rome bears witness to twenty tumultuous centuries of Christian history, like no other place. The Eternal City’s abundance of sacred treasures can overwhelm, however, especially when so many tourist guides fail to focus on the faith. This is the indispensable Guide 4 Pilgrims on Rome and the Vatican. Whether traveling there or simply enjoying it from an armchair, pilgrims can experience the human drama that has always defined the Eternal City: from ancient emperors and martyrs, to Renaissance popes and artists, to the enduring legacy of Rome’s architects and saints. Christianity has always demanded Rome’s attention, just as the Eternal City has commanded the world’s. Regardless of the passing of brutal emperors and empires, however, Rome still confirms that the gates of Hell have not and shall not prevail against Christ’s Church. 

"This book is at the top of my list as one of the most comprehensive Catholic travel guides to Rome. 
I especially love the stunning images, interesting facts about the saints and our Catholic faith, 
as well as all of the travel tips included in this book.
I am taking this book with me on all 4 of my pilgrimages to Rome this year." 
Teresa Tomeo
Catholic Radio & Television Host
Pilgrimage Leader to Rome & the Vatican for over 10 years features Rome and the Vatican - Guide 4 Pilgrims:

11 Must-See Churches in Rome

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This Guide 4 Pilgrims is published in three formats, all with the same content:
The "Backpack Edition" 
is designed for the rough-and-tumble traveler 
who wears out guidebooks quickly while personally visiting each site. 
It is the most economical edition because its interior is printed in black and white.
The "Color Edition" 
offers a full color interior with hundreds of unforgettable images. 
This edition appeals to most pilgrims, whether of the traveling or armchair variety.
The "Collector’s Edition" 
is for those who will savor the memories of Rome and the Vatican for decades to come. 
It is not only protected by a durable case laminate cover, but printed on heavier gloss paper 
using a printing technology that maximizes the beauty of the images.


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Based on true but little-known prophecies of saints


The path to the Apocalypse begins here.

When puppet masters control governments,
tech titans control secrets,
and scientists control life itself,
the final objective is
control of Christ's Church.
One brilliant man has a sinister scheme.
One holy man has an inspired response.

Reviewers praise The Rise:
“... very cleverly written ... 
about the power of sin and its influence in the world.... 

[The ending] was very much a surprise; 
it brings all story lines together and is dramatic ... 

[and] hard to put down ...”

“... paints a fascinating picture....
Nowell’s obviously in-depth research ...
gives the story  an eerie edge of reality.”
Michelle Buckman
Author of Rachel’s Contrition

“... highly recommended ... a riveting story
with plenty of Christian history weaved in, 
[it] will be ... hard to put down ...”
Midwest Book Review (5 stars out of 5)

“... more twists and turns than a Hollywood thriller... 
one imaginative writer!”
Brian Gail
Author of Fatherless

Catholic Writers’ Guild Seal of Approval.  

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 Coming soon, from Vero House:

Picture Perfect Italy
A Visual Delight

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The Seasons of a Short, Holy Life:  
Memorable Musings of a Poet Priest 
by Rev. Duncan Reilly
Edited by Kenneth E. Nowell

He offered himself as a victim soul - sharing Christ's suffering - and was given the cross of Hodgkins lymphoma. 
He lived just 33 years and a day. 
Yet, during his short, holy life, Father Duncan Reilly  produced a treasure trove of remarkable writings. His poetry spanned a broad emotional range, from the amusements of this world to deep reflections of the next. However, his memorable words were boxed for half a century after his death, even as his last surviving sibling remained determined  that they would, someday, enlighten and amuse those who never knew him. 
This book is the accomplishment of her goal. It is one you will want to read again and again.   

More Great Catholic Books,
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When the hurricanes of 2004
destroyed the home and possessions of Ruth and Fabian Werkowski,
the tragedy reminded them, once again,
to keep their eyes on Jesus Christ and not on the storms in their lives. 
This is Ruth Werkowski's lovingly faithful memoir of triumph over tragedy. 

Transformed by Trouble:  
From Misfortune to Miracles 
by Ruth Werkowski


Father John J. Pasquini explores the historical and Biblical basis of Catholic beliefs
in this  
convincing defense of the one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church.  
A perfect gift for anyone who wants to learn more about Catholic teaching,
as well as for those Catholics who have grown lukewarm in the faith.

Catholic Answers 
to Protestant Questions: 
A Concise Summary
by Father John J. Pasquini
Paperback             Kindle    


Father John J. Pasquini presents a practical guide to understanding 
many of the most important, yet least understood, life issues of our time.
Based on sound Catholic theology that is buttressed by numerous 
sociological and scientific studies, Father Pasquini 
reveals that we ignore fundamental life issues at our peril,
both in this life and the next.

Culture of Life:
A Catholic Perspective
by Father John J. Pasquini

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